Middle East Info Drop

It has been very interesting times recently, and the storm clouds are overhead for Israel, and no amount of Propaganda or PR will fix that unfortunately.

Take a look at some of the following.
Egypt’s Mubarak says Israel faked smuggling evidence
Israel faked Francop arms claims – Iran

These responses resulted from Israeli Claims that Egypt and Iran were arming Militia groups that are hostile to Israel and are inside Israel (Gaza/West Bank) or Lebanon (Hezbollah). Israel made these claims without substantial evidence and made it an enormous spectacle, I remember seeing this on South African news and constantly on Sky News/CNN. That is Israel’s Propaganda wing in full force. The allegations made can be found in the following links.
Israel Accuses Egyptians of Arming Hamas
Israel says commandos intercept arms shipment

The Goldstone Report is another hot topic all over the world, and really provides a picture of just how much Lobbying Power Israel has in the USA. But unfortunately anyone that fights it just looks stupid, or that they support war crimes. Just searching “Goldstone” on google news brings back millions of articles. The Israeli PR wing is in full force trying to counter the findings and is pulling out all the stops to get this report squashed. Too bad that will never happen because the world is sick and tired of this Drama/Comedy/Horror fest that has been going on for tooooo long. I would like to point out how Israel is trying to counter the Goldstone report if I may. They are not trying to counter the contents of the report, they have stooped to the level where they are now trying character assasination, which is a tried and tested tactic which has not failed Israel in the past, however we are not in the past, we are in the present, post “Operation Cast Lead” and people are wising up to these unscrupulous tactics.

Goldstone denies he betrayed Jewish state – Times LIVE – Brendan Boyle
Olmert: Goldstone Report ‘hypocritical’ – The Jerusalem Post
Peres, not Goldstone, is the small man – Ha’aretz

President Shimon Peres considers Richard Goldstone a “small man, devoid of any sense of justice, a technocrat with no real understanding of jurisprudence.”

PM presents ‘Goldstone-Iran absurdity’ – YNet News

“In the coming days we will present this absurdity to our friends in the world,” Netanyahu promised.

So… for those of you that don’t know, Olmert was the previous Prime Minister and is under investigation for Corruption and has been indicted for fraud, breach of trust and concealing fraudulent earnings in connection with donations received. Standard run of the Mill Corrupt Polititian then. Then there is Peres, who is the President of Israel and Netanyahu who is the current Prime Minister. All of these guys are war criminals with blood on their hands, and directly responsible for thousands of Arab deaths.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Judge Richard Goldstone for his contribution to the peoples of Planet Earth. May he continue to be awesome and have strength to stand up to the pressure that will no doubt be exerted upon him by the various zionist lobbies and extremist jewish organizations.

Ok, so some of you might think I’m a bit crazy talking about these zionist and extremist jewish organizations right? Well, I’m not crazy 🙂
And they do exist, in fact, Last night there was a fantastic expose in the form of a documentary which was aired on Channel 4 in the UK, called Dispatches – Inside Britians Israel Lobby and I have included a description below.

Dispatches investigates one of the most powerful and influential political lobbies in Britain, which is working in support of the interests of the State of Israel.

Despite wielding great influence among the highest realms of British politics and media, little is known about the individuals and groups which collectively are known as the pro-Israel lobby.

Political commentator Peter Oborne sets out to establish who they are, how they are funded, how they work and what influence they have, from the key groups to the wealthy individuals who help bankroll the lobbying.

He investigates how accountable, transparent and open to scrutiny the lobby is, particularly in regard to its funding and financial support of MPs.

The pro-Israel lobby aims to shape the debate about Britain’s relationship with Israel and future foreign policies relating to it.

Oborne examines how the lobby operates from within parliament and the tactics it employs behind the scenes when engaging with print and broadcast media.

If you would like to watch this, it is available as a torrent, I’m sure it will be available on youtube soon so I will keep you posted. If you can’t wait, leave a comment.

Here are 2 good reads to find out more about it.
Britain must de-Zionise Itself Immediately by Gilad Atzmon
Israel lobby ‘big influence in UK’ by Al Jazeera English

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