Financial’s Info Drop

Some Headlines
Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for potential ‘global collapse’
Americans Deserve a Transparent Fed by Ron Paul

  • Ron Paul and Jim DeMint: Americans deserve a transparent Fed (WSJ)
  • Goldman’s lost glister (FT)
  • Hoyer says financial transaction tax “on the table” in Congress (Bloomberg)
  • South Korea banks told to hold liquid foreign assets to prevent repeat of last year funding crunch (Bloomberg, h/t Adam)
  • Weil: Wells Fargo needs TARP more than it admits (Bloomberg)
  • Evans-Pritchard: Is $6,300 fair value for gold (Telegraph)
  • New jobless claims benefits same as last month at 505,000 (AP)
  • Fear of China property bubble (FT)
  • Argentine bond restructuring “not a driving factor” S&P says (Bloomberg)
  • BofA Merrill cuts 2010 global semiconductor growth view (Reuters)
  • Elizabeth Warren winning would mean you can’t sell it if you can’t explain it (Bloomberg)
  • An unemployed banker on the Appalachian trail (Reuters)
  • UK outlines laws to prevent abusive short selling (Bloomberg)

On The Edge 27
– Max Keiser

The Keiser Report on Russia Today

Some Messages

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