Six Bogus Beliefs Held By Youth

Six Bogus Beliefs Held By Youth

Young people
are incapable of recognizing their own enemy.  This is the essential condition required for the peaceful transfer of political power to a world dictatorship.

As a young man who recently received an “education” from one of the finest schools in the U.S., I can state beyond doubt that this condition has been met.  In a society conditioned to champion personal ambition, self-expression and self-empowerment, the educated youth of today are kept intoxicated with illusions.  Everyone is looking up, staring at the sun, and unable to stop and think for even a moment out of fear of losing their momentum up the ladder. 

Here is the script my generation sticks to.

Mankind lived in total ignorance until very recently.  (Proof: widespread racism, religious fundamentalism, mistreatment and oppression of women, European imperialism, rabid nationalism, xenophobia, etc. were all norms.)  Young women and minorities are especially prone to gobble this idea up and congratulate themselves for being an enlightened member of a progressive society.  In the interest of being liked and getting laid, young white men follow suit.        

All types of ‘ignorance’ still exist today AND represent the primary threats to peace and stability.  (Conclusion:  Legislation to protect minorities (anti-hate, anti-religion) is natural progress and shall continue uninterrupted.)  Religion has become like Al-Qaeda to today’s educated youth.  It barely exists, but everyone is convinced it is a powerful beast capable of plucking a person out of his hedonistic bliss at any moment, if not carefully watched.          

Sexual restraint can no longer be taken seriously, as it was an invention of religion to control the masses and women in particular.  (Conclusion: Get it when you can, while you can.  It’s practice for someone you might really like someday!)  There is a tremendous amount of pressure on young women to be able to “handle” emotion-free sex.  They have been convinced, mostly through entertainment media, that taking sex seriously is a weakness.  It is a bodily need detached from the rest of you.  Combined with a social scene set around alcohol, young love is a messy, schizophrenic story where one is very lucky to find someone on the same page.     

Total Moral Relativity : there are no absolute truths, there is no reason to believe in anything too strongly, everything is circumstantial.  (Conclusion: yes, everything is corrupt.  It has always been that way.  Power corrupts.  We’re selfish.  People are assholes.  I’m an asshole, at least I’m willing to admit it.)  Result: attitudes are uniform within social groups.


Politics and religion are not to be discussed amongst friends, therefore they are not.  Ever.  (Conclusion: agree to disagree.  Result: Even the smartest people are never exposed to ideas outside of the mainstream media/academia, but you cannot convince them of this.)

Communism is a legitimate ideology, only it has never worked.  (Result: my generation leans heavily to the left.  As the Republican party has become synonymous with Christianity, pro-life, wealthy, white, war, big business, etc., it is no wonder why.  Government involvement in industry seems inevitable to everyone, but few are able to envision future consequences. 

With these unquestioned six beliefs alone, defenders of humanistic internationalist doctrine are created.  Good, intelligent kids that are just trying to do their best and find their place in the world while fulfilling their parents’ expectations have been conditioned to unwittingly serve and defend the interests of a small group of psychotic criminals. 

Reversing this process will require an equally gradual counter-movement based on restoring God (reality) and destroying Evil (illusion).  We lack the luxury of trying to stop the momentum of the opposing movement.  Instead we must strike with the power of our spirit and moral superiority.  

If we would like to establish a world where people are held accountable for the actions, we must be willing to give everyone a clean slate.  We cannot hold people responsible for their actions when they live in a state of confusion.  People must be reached individually, and to do so we must find ways to ease their minds back to reality as gently as possible.  

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