Zionists Determine Good and Evil

Zionists Determine Good and Evil

February 7, 2010

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Alan Dershowitz (left) recently called Richard Goldstone “an evil man” for censuring Israel’s Dec. 2008 Gaza War in his UN Report.

God is synonymous with absolute truth and justice, Dershowitz exposes
Zionism as a war on God.  Zionists turn good and evil on their head,
and define “good” as whatever benefits them.

This is the New World Order folks; “Good” is “what’s Good for the Jews.”

Speaking on Israeli Army Radio Jan. 31, Alan Dershowitz called Goldstone a “traitor.”

is “using his Jewishness to malign Israel…He is an evil man, one who
allowed himself to be used against the Jewish people, an absolute

Goldstone accused both Israel and Hamas of war
crimes but singled Israel out for inflicting a “collective punishment”
on civilians.

In “Operation Cast Lead,” (Dec 24 2008- Jan 21, 2009) Israel killed 1400 Palestinians, 80% of whom were civilians, the majority women and children. Over 5000 more were wounded. 22,000 structures and 280 schools were destroyed. About 200 Factories and 700 Businesses Damaged. Eight hospitals and 26 clinics were destroyed.

This was in retaliation for the death of four Israelis in all of 2008 from Hamas “rockets.” (Another four died from rockets during the conflict.)

In January and February 2008 alone, 63 Israelis died in road accidents.  
That’s 378 on an annualized basis.

richard-goldstone.jpg(Richard Goldstone, left)

as 378 fatalities are the price of driving, four deaths in 2008 from
rockets is a small price for stealing a whole country and confining
over a million refugees to an open air prison.

But let a few Jews question Israel’s savagery and they are “traitors…evil [men.]”

If Zionists like Dershowitz want to get metaphysical, surely they represent evil, and are the greatest threat to world peace.


In his book “Sex and Character,”
(1903), Austrian Jewish philosopher Otto Weininger compared Jews to
women in that some are incapable of moral objectivity or intellectual
honesty. They don’t seem to understand that good and evil, truth and
untruth, are independent of them, their dictate or interests.

As the self-chosen leaders of a self-chosen people, Zionists have a mission to reorganize the world and reality itself. The Illuminati bankers, many of whom are Jewish or part-Jewish, are tapping into this tendency to play God and turn reality upside down.

God usurpers, organized Jewry is incapable of admitting doing wrong, or
that anti-Semitism is the result. Why should they? They are God. They
would sooner convince the whole world it is wrong.

I was living in Israel Feb 21,1973 when the Israelis shot down a Lybian airliner
killing 105 passengers. The plane had accidentally strayed into the
Sinai. I was appalled by the self pitying hand wringing and mealy
mouthed excuses. “We’d look into your blue eyes and do it all over
again,” one commentator wrote. I didn’t stay.


In a recent article, Robert Fisk remarks on the Israeli need to play underdog always at the edge of annihilation.

Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and the 15,000 Lebanese and
Palestinian dead. Forget the Sabra and Shatila massacre that same year
by Israel’s militia allies as their troops watched. Erase the Qana
massacre of 1996 – 106 Lebanese killed by Israeli shellfire, more than
half of them children – and delete the 1,500 in the 2006 Lebanon
war…- if you believe the security elite of Israel’s right wing here
in Herzliya – [Israel] is now under an even more dangerous,
near-unprecedented attack.”

Despite having over 200 nuclear
bombs, Israel fans this hysteria better to wage an endless war of
aggression. Ordinary Israelis feel they have no choice but fight. (See,
my “The Zionist Protection Racket.”)

are on the defensive because they think they’re hated for no reason.
They think that to admit wrong would justify their extermination. Not
true. Many Jews are agents and scapegoats for the agenda of the
Illuminati Jewish bankers. No one wants to exterminate them, but
anti-Semitism will grow as the New World Order becomes more apparent
and more onerous.


As a Jew, I am tired of Zionists defining the Jewish interest; tired of their relentless distortion of truth.

am sick of the US Congress and media towing the Zionist line; sick of
how Zionists manufacture anti-Semitism to make Jews conform.

New World Order is redefining reality (Good and Evil) in terms of the
Illuminati banker agenda. Jews (Neocons, Liberals,Communists,
Socialists, Feminists) have been brainwashed to advance their world
government agenda and to destroy all collective identity, i.e. race,
religion, nation and family (gender.)

Ordinary Jews will take
the fall. If they remain complacent, they’ll have no one to blame but
themselves. But I’m thankful for righteous Jews like Richard Goldstone
who recognize truth and have the courage to tell it.

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